CHINA-On a day when Mingfa Tech showed off special Graphene SGT lighting Housing, opened a new era o

2019-06-05 00:00:00

Regan Poon, R&D supervisor , presented the latest LED lighting housing of the the company’s Graphene-Polymer alloy SGT series on Mingfa Tech General Headquarters.

Mingfa Tech-China-on A Day When Mingfa Tech Showed Off Special Graphene Sgt Lighting Housing


Mr. Poon called the new LED Kits, “Will set off LED cooling industry revolution.”


 In the past, aluminum profiles have always been the preferred location for heat-dissipating materials due to their light weight, long service life, excellent heat dissipation, and mature technology. However, they also face problems such as heavy weight, single material, many processes, and less flexibility in structural design.


Mingfa Tech-China-on A Day When Mingfa Tech Showed Off Special Graphene Sgt Lighting Housing-1


Now, The graphene era has arrived.As a high performance strategic frontier material,

its thermal conductivity is 22 times that of aluminum and the strength is 100 times that of steel. What’s more,Hardness is more than diamonds. It has already been included in the development list of China's "Made in China 2025".  


Graphene-Polymer alloy is a kind of graphene high thermal conductivity composite material. Made of graphene and polymer materials and has the same heat dissipation effect as aluminum.The heat source can be quickly exported and radiated to the external medium.It can be used in various types of heat sinks and heat sinks.


In the future, SGT  Lighting Housing will become the latest product sweeping the heat dissipation technology industry.

Mingfa Tech-China-on A Day When Mingfa Tech Showed Off Special Graphene Sgt Lighting Housing-2

Why choose Graphene-Polymer alloy LED cooling kit?


Mingfa Tech gave a very convincing answer.


Firstly-Light material

The same size of the radiator, the material is reduced by more than 10%;

The density is 40% lower than aluminum, which greatly reduces the weight of the product and reduces the cost of freight.


Secondly- High performance

High flame retardant grade, open flame does not burn;

Excellent corrosion resistance and adaptability to different working environments.


Thirdly- Easy to dissipate

Compared with the same size radiator, the thermal conductivity is increased by more than 12%, and the heat dissipation is equivalent to that of cast aluminum.


Fourthly- Easy forming

The process is simple, one-time forming, without any surface treatment.

Mingfa Tech executives showed SGT Graphene-Polymer alloy LED Kits ‘data and how to solve the pain point of LED heat dissipation.


Mingfa Tech announced to their customers that the industrialized application of Graphene-Polymer alloy heat dissipation kit in the field of LED heat dissipation has taken the lead in China, marking that the industrialized application of Mingfa Tech heat dissipation kit has entered a new stage.


For more details about the new product, please click: https://www.mingfatech.com/sgt-lighting-housing

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