Mingfa Tech Announced Expansion of Next Area – Commercial LCD Display

2019-10-29 00:00:00

October 29, 2019, China – Mingfa Tech, a leading developer and solution manufacturer of LED lighting heatsink technology, today announced the official launch of the Smart Digital Era Commercial LCD Display. It would go further into all aspects of life and better realize the blueprint for development strategy.


Mingfa Tech said that Commercial LCD Display is a new type of smart device. In addition to daily advertising, it also combines powerful functions such as intelligent interaction, public service and entertainment interaction. For example, the company's meetings and training courses have Interactive touch screen all-in-one monitor, which provides an overview of the conference content information, edit the information on site and circle the knowledge points, so as to make the training and meeting more efficient. TICKET & PAYMENT SELF-SERVICE KIOSK in all major theaters and scenic spots, self-service technology to solve the queuing problem and save labor costs; FLOOR STAND SMART MIRROR and SMART DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME in the home, enjoying the dual experience of smart living and home entertainment. At the same time, an efficient professional team was formed to expand the new business of Commercial LCD Display and provide better services for the first-line customers.


Led heat sink is still the core business of Mingfa tech simultaneously. The R&D team will continue to design better heat sinks and led lighting housing to better meet the needs of the market. For example, this year's MicroCooler lightweight ActiLED series active heat sinks, high-purity aluminum cold-forged Meng series led recessed lighting housing, etc., were widely welcomed by customers, revealing that the development of LEDs is accompanied by the technical development and innovation requirements of heatsinks.


Mingfa Tech is constantly exploring more potential industries while expanding its existing businesses, expanding various new businesses and moving into new areas.


The first batch of 10 new Commercial LCD Display products have been launched on the official website. You can visit the following website: https://www.mingfatech.com/lcd

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