Success in the world of LED heatsink: everything is related to cooperation

2019-06-25 00:00:00



In the world of LED heat dissipation, independent components are the future direction of development.

More and more participants in the manufacturing of LED heat sink kits are beginning to understand this, and a new ecological partnership has emerged.

A good example is that new and old partners from all regions of the world are coming to Mingfa Tech headquarters and Mingfa Tech to discuss the long-term cooperation.

Mingfa Tech-Success In The World Of Led Heatsink: Everything Is Related To Cooperation

Mingfa Tech-Success In The World Of Led Heatsink: Everything Is Related To Cooperation-1

We have been working hard to improve.

To create more valuable partnerships

A few months of meetings, planning, decisions and executions… and the circle was round!

As a practical result, LED lighting designers no longer have to worry about what suits them. Mingfa Tech solves this problem for you, and introduces a series of Lighting kits that can be used with confidence when equipped with a light source. The market can prove that the rapid development of the LED industry also means more possibilities in the field of LED heat dissipation. This business model has been linked or adjusted, synchronized, and progressive.

Toby Mok, president of Mingfa Tech, said: "With the new era of strategic partnerships, the LED world is rapidly changing." "With this new style of collaboration, heatsink designers can ultimately rely on the availability of critical components that are validated together. And you can start to refocus on what they really want - design and performance. So it's important that the strategic partner's format is different from similar interests, the willingness to adapt to each other, and the ability to focus on each other through new developments. This is why the relationship between a number of world-class light source brands such as Xicato and Mingfa tech has been so long. In just three months, we have developed a series of new lighting housing products, all of which are combined to provide more choices for the market and customers to get a better experience.”


In the future, we will not only continue to deepen cooperation with light source brands, but we also look forward to discussing cooperation with other optical brands, power brands, builders, decoration companies and other partners to jointly develop a blueprint for the future.

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