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2020-04-03 00:00:00

With the spread of the epidemic on a global scale, the demand for medical supplies such as daily thermometers, masks, and disinfectant solutions continues to increase in various countries. Faced with the needs of many partners for medical supplies, Mingfa Tech attaches great importance to and pays close attention to the global epidemic situation. In response to this special period, we have provided the latest and qualified medical supplies business to fight epidemics with global users and defend against the new virus # COVID19 #.

The new type of pneumonia that has swept across many countries around the world has affected countless people. Countless people are closely following the latest situation of the epidemic and hoping that the epidemic will be contained as soon as possible.Medical resources are indispensable for the treatment and prevention of the epidemic. However, many countries frequently report news of serious shortages of medical supplies, including disinfectants, masks, thermometers, etc. Many people are unable to obtain timely and effective virus prevention because of insufficient medical resources, causing human-to-human infections to be very worrying.


Mingfa Tech has also received many medical supplies from customers and partners, and is also very worried about the quality of masks. In order to solve this problem with the world, Mingfa Tech has found qualified medical supplies and timely Started medical materials business. Fighting the epidemic requires everyone to work together to help each other.


In a special period, Mingfa Tech is not only the most suitable thermal solution provider for major LED projects, but also quickly provides medical materials business services to global customers. Provide important support for global anti-epidemic, fight epidemic together!

Lack of medical supplies? Don't worry, email your needs to sales@mingfatech.com and we will serve you in time!

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