Mingfa Tech seizes the Korean market with professionalism and service

2019-02-26 00:00:00

On February 26th, 2019, Korean customers came to Mingfa Tech headquarters for project exchange. After in-depth exploration and good communication between the two parties, the led cooling kit solution was further optimized and upgraded, and cooperation was reached one week later.

Mingfa Tech-Mingfa Tech Seizes The Korean Market With Professionalism

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As a senior company with nearly 20 years of experience in lighting and electrical appliances in Korea, it has extremely strict requirements on product cost performance and delivery. Mingfa Tech warmly welcomed customers from afar, and introduced the company's core technology in detail. The overall cost of LED cooling solution is controllable, convenient and saves development time. At the same time, the company's scale, development plan and production process flow are introduced.

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The two sides have conducted professional talks on the ongoing projects. Because they are suitable for night fishing applications, customers wanted to be able to actively dissipate and concentrate the cooling kit products. To meet the core needs of customers, Mingfa Tech team worked overtime overnight. Add points, according to the customer's demand point, constantly optimized the product design of the new FanLED active heat sink. After many rounds of consultation with the customer, we would eventually design cooling kits to satisfy customers in advance within the period of meeting customers' requirements, and reached strategic cooperation with customers.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of LED applications, customers are increasingly demanding LED thermal performance. Mingfa Tech has continuously introduced and developed the latest cooling technology to create a total thermal solution that is more in line with current LED application scenarios. It has always maintained the technological leading edge with the leading International LED commercial lighting enterprises and jointly welcomed the new development of the commercial lighting LED industry.


Mingfa Tech has always insisted on customer value-oriented, thinking of customers' thinking, and worry what you worry. Standing on the customer's stand to think and solve problems, providing customers with the best LED with the most professional technology and most assured service. The overall solution for commercial lighting and cooling, so that customers can feel at ease and win the future!

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