Welcome European distributors to visit Mingfa.

2018-09-28 00:00:00

Mingfa Tech-Welcome European Distributors To Visit Mingfa Optoelectronics

With the increase of the visibility of Mingfa optoelectronics in the international market of high-end business photo, many global distribution channels have attracted attention and actively sought to establish cooperative partnership.

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Although it was raining heavily on June 8th, customers were not able to stop their enthusiasm for visiting. The sales team of Mingfa received a dealer from developed European countries, who has been highly recognized in the mainland and has been engaged in the distribution business of cooling products for more than 40 years.During the meeting, the partner highly recognized the market positioning, cooling products, technical support and all-round services of Mingfa optoelectronics, expressed the desire for in-depth cooperation and jointly built a business ecosystem to meet the needs of market demand upgrading.

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During the meeting, the sales team of Mingfa further introduced the development history, mission vision and future cooperation vision of Mingfa to the customer, and showed the customer one by one the latest series of samples of the company.Both sides have put forward very constructive views on market dynamics and the direction of bilateral cooperation.It is believed that communication and interaction will surely bring extensive cooperation consensus to both sides and bilateral friendly cooperative relations will be further deepened.

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