Mingfa Tech Specializes In Led Heat Sinks And Led Light Housing
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Mingfa Tech Specializes In Led Heat Sinks And Led Light HousingMeng Lighting HousingMingfa TechEtraled heatsink


 We have established a trustworthy brand with global indoor and outdoor lighting heat sink design innovative achievements, in order to achieve an excellent LED heat dissipation program.

We have experienced and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and complete your projects at a great price and attentive service on time.

Focus on LED thermal solutions research on the high-end LED market for over 10 years.
Simulate thermal tests for LED lighting OEMs around the world.
Offer a delivery time of 10-15 working days after mass production, which is faster than peer companies.
Respond to customers quickly within 0.5-3 hours.

 1. Standardization: Off-the-shelf standardized LED heat sinks and lighting kits.

 2. Customization: Design and manufacture products according to the requirements of the partners.

 3. Cost-effectiveness: Reasonable pricing for all projects with quality assurance.

 4. One-stop solution: Offer a full range of services for the design and manufacturing of LED heat sinks or lighting kits.

 5. Multiple purchase channels: Buy directly from Mingfa Tech or its distributors or their warehouse centers in Europe or the US.

 6. Famous partners: Cooperate with world-class LED brands such as Bridgelux, Lumileds, LG Innotek, Seoul Semiconductor, and Luminus, Xicato.


LED heat sinks have elaborate and exclusive designs and go through strict product testing. They are suitable for a full range of LED COB or SMD array standards or customization to create high-end commercial indoor lighting leading heat dissipation solutions so that the lifetime of LED can be better extended.

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